A youth manifesto.


Bright, exhilarating and mischievous, "sneak out memories" will appeal to everybody’s teenage memories, portraying four itineraries, four different hopes for the night in a summer solstice atmosphere, volatile and warm, synthesizing the amazing invincible feeling of the young.

Music by Devonte Hynes - April's Bathroom Bummer (Palo Alto)

Starring: Lou Gala, Anna Séraphie El Agri, Rémi Slade Caffarel, Armande Boulanger, Mathilde La Musse, Jean Paul Dix.


  • Producer: Cory VAN RHIJN
  • Executive Producer: Crosswalk & Believe Recordings
  • Executive Production: Romain BEZZINA
  • Executive Production Assistant: Léa BARROT
  • Director: Raphaëlle TINLAND
  • 1AD: Montaine LAMBERT
  • Unit manager: Damien JOCHMANS - Juliette DELESTAING
  • DOP: Sophian BELGARBI
  • 1st camera assistant: Sylvain VIRICEL
  • 2nd camera assistant: Victor SALIS
  • Steadicam: Rémi QUILICHINI
  • Gaffer: Manu GASPAR
  • Gaffer best boy: Antony SARDA - Rémi DELVERN
  • Set design: Arianne BROMBERGER
  • Set design assistant: Emmannuelle LELEU
  • Make up artist: Kamissa KONE
  • Post-producer: Laura RODIER
  • Father: Jean-Paul DIX
  • Little brother: Neven DELESTAING
  • Mother: Gilberte AKKERMANS

This project, initially a music video for the French band "Ofenbach" was shot in the region of "Morvan" in France, in 3 days. We had the opportunity to shoot with amazing actors and one of them is the owner of the house we see in the film. We really wanted to re-create the atmosphere of the beach in summer so we decided to shoot over the lake of Settons, which is completely lost in nature.