Forsaken Food


A journey from Nutrition milk to solid food. Baby steps.


  • Client: Nestlé Nan
  • Agency: Publicis Conseil
  • Creative team: Benoit Sahores & Quentin Schweitzer 
  • Produced by: Eddy
  • Producer: Alexandra Roussel
  • Dop: Noé Bach
  • Line producer: Louis Paquier
  • Production service: Filmes do Tejo
  • Post-production Nightshift
  • Sound design: Benzene

Did you know it took four babies on the set for one baby on the screen? So if you count right there was no less than fourteen babies on the set of our commercial! Shooting with babies is both very fun and very complicated and it takes a whole lot of logistics but once you manage this you can get very real and lively moments on camera... A special mention to our prop master that had this amazing feeling with babies and became our Portuguese hero!