Meet the Fobos

EYEZEN Web Series

Ever felt that creeping sense of despair when losing 4G just when you hit “send”? Or the sheer desperation from going through a tunnel when trying to download an important email attachment? Well the FOBOS (Fear Of Being Offline) certainly have in this web trilogy for the n°1 corrective lenses brand Essilor.


  • Agency: Dan Paris
  • Client: Essilor
  • Director: Raphaëlle Tinland
  • DOP: Luis Armando Arteaga
  • Production: Eddy
  • Emma: Elea Clair
  • Daniel: Etienne Guillou Kervern
  • Paul: Quentin Bruno
  • Connor: Douglas Grawels
  • Scenario: Louise Dubois
  • Casting: Sonia Cascino

This ambitious series of four absurd sketches was imagined around this friendly support-group of FOBOS. The idea was to create a world in which being disconnected was the worst that could ever happen to you, and our coach Daniel would try to teach them how to survive this eventuality. The four films were shot on the hottest day of the summer 2015 and a window pane of the lovely family house location even split with the heat. Think of all the actors who had to endure leather jackets and velvet pants!