Le Bicentenaire


Le groupe Caisse des Dépôts célèbre son bicentenaire à travers une vidéo hommage à la jeune génération.


  • Agency: Art Actuel
  • AD: Nathalie Tinland
  • Project coordinators: Emmanuelle DeParis
  • Producer: Corry Van Rhijn
  • Executive Producet: Aymeric Mosser
  • DOP: Alexandre d'Audiffret
  • 1AD: Montaine Lambert
  • Editing: Manuel Coutant


  • Héloïse Grinin
  • Meriem Tirera
  • Qays Camara
  • Jade Blanchardin
  • Amaury Mendy
  • Matéo
  • Mathys
  • Chloé


  • Florence Monge

We shot this film at a good friend's family house, and it was like going back to childhood. I personally helped the set design by crafting garlands and paper props. I even spent an evening drawing a geography map like in school, making names up and colouring... When I saw the whole crew playing with the paper city we had built, I felt like we had managed to capture a little bit of these particular childhood memories and feelings.