Music video for the Parisian band Erevan Tusk.


One is the Mirror of the other.

An old woman returns to the place of her best memory and faces her young alter-ego magnified by 50 years of life.


  • Old woman: Nora Talagrand
  • Young woman: Albane Lamoril
  • Young man: Jim Paillard
  • Nurse: Sonia Belskaya
  • Produced by Eddy
  • Producer: Nicolas de Rosanbo
  • Production Manager: Baptiste Lambert
  • Production Coordinator: Marie Granel
  • Cinematography: Luis Armando Arteaga
  • First Assistant Camera: Tarik Rebeihi
  • Data Manager: Celine Croze
  • Gaffer: Guillaume Pitel / Sarah Alisch / Paul Texier
  • Key Grip: Michel Anglio
  • Make up: Marine Beaudoin
  • Costume: Line Laure Gaudefroid
  • Editing & Grading: Manuel Coutant

I have been working on the theme of old age for a long time and asking myself: How does an old woman looks back at her youth? At her vanished beauty? Is it possible to die without any regrets? etc...

So when I was asked to illustrate the song "By the larches" by Erevan Tusk, a nostalgic yet cheerful theme, i saw an opportunity to deal with subjects that I care about with sobriety.The music video was really thought like a narrative short-film, the ambition of the project was to tell a real story.

I believe the greenhouse is a real metaphor of the film's stakes. Bubble in air and time, it protects the expatriated species. From the moment the old woman crosses the threshold, time stops and death is postponed.