A TV commercial for the prestigious Parisian beauty brand.

BOURJOIS Volume Glamour

A TV commercial for the prestigious cosmetics brand Bourjois Paris. Featuring a beautiful stylized Paris and a mischievous creature, the film showcases Bourjois' flagship mascara.


  • Client: Bourjois Paris
  • Agency: What's Next Partners
  • Director: Raphaëlle Tinland
  • Production Company: Blue Marlyn
  • DOP: David Nissen
  • Post production: ChezEddy

Our idea was to create a whole universe in which our beautiful heroine could glide gracefully, whether in reality: in her own Parisian apartment or in this dreamy charcoal Paris. We shot everything in studio and then created the whole world in post-production. A dancer stand-in was used for all the acrobatic sequences.