BENIDORM short film

A young mother and her daughter live in an out-of-season seaside resort void of tourists. One lives by night, working in a hotel, and the other by day. They never cross paths and their only link that maintains any sense of common life is a walkie talkie. 


  • Mother: Yelle
  • Alma: Themis Pauwels
  • Director: Raphaëlle Tinland
  • DOP: Luis Armando Arteaga
  • Editor: Vincent Tricon
  • Art department: Nacho Ruíperez
  • Sound edit: Virginie Messiaen
  • Color Grading: Caïque de Souza
  • 1stAD: Falele Ygueravide
  • Executive producer Spain: César Peréz


  • Produced by Eddy
  • Producer: Nicolas de Rosanbo
  • Producers Spain: Michael Moffett & Johan Martinez, Jose Trullenque

With the help of:

  • Centre National du Cinéma et de l'image animée
  • Orange Cinéma Séries OCS
  • Angoa / Procirep
  • Département de la Seine Saint Denis
  • Cinémas 93

Benidorm is my first narrative short film. It was shot in the spring of 2016 in Benidorm and Valencia, Spain. The whole process of making this film lasted almost two years in total, from scratch to screen. I was very lucky to meet my two beloved actresses without whom this film couldn't be what it is.

I wish to thank from the bottom of my heart the whole team that made all of this adventure possible:

Céline Vanlint, Céline Croze, Aymeric Mosser, Jean François Bourrel, Fabrizio Meschino, Martina Grau, Sylvie Berger, Maud Folléa, Suzanne Marrot, Julie Villegas, Javier Belda, Alfonso Villar, Alberto Romaguera, Xavi Mulet, Jorge Aguado, Vincent Pedretti, Patricia Sanz, Simon Jamart, Xavier Drouault, Joachim Glaude, Alea Jacta, Dame Blanche, Film Factory, Léa Lecourtier, Julie Rambaud, Aude l'Huilier, Nightshift, Ganaëlle Glume, Renate costa, Léa Colin, Marine Jouven, Laurence de Bourbon, Charles-Philippe Bowles, Corry Van Rhijn, Juliette Delestaing, Leïla Courtillon, Pierre-Alban Kientz, Manon Grenier, Julien Desplanques, Mathieu Hue, Nolwenn Hajo, Jennifer Dolo, Justine Séris, Franco Piscopo, Mathieu Cox, Nicolas Chaudeurge, Louise Dubois, Andy Wijckselma, Julie Bellemare, Viken Armenian, La région Pays de la Loire, Quentin Baillieux.